How to play Mario Kart 8 DLC tracks

How to play Mario Kart 8 DLC tracks in Loadiine in a quick/dirty way


jebediah Over at Gbatemp Said This

Ok I cannot make a fool-proof tutorial about this just now because I didn’t do much troubleshooting, but feel free to follow my steps if you want to play the 16 new DLC tracks of Mario Kart 8 running in Loadiine.


  • Offline only obviously
  • New tracks are actually swapped with original ones
  • Music from the new tracks can’t be played, so you can choose between the music from the tracks you replace, or no music at all (not so nice)
  • Not sure if battle mode works

Tested setup

  • Firmware 5.3.2 EU
  • Mario Kart 8 EU updated to 4.1
  • Loadiine 4.0 with Smash Bros Mode (Wii Maker mode doesn’t work with MK8 4.1 update)


1. Get your hands on a dump of the DLC 1 and 2, Google It

2. The new DLC tracks are contained in separate folders within the “course” folders. For instance, the files for the Ribbon Road track are in a folder named “Dagb_RibbonRoad” in “course”

3. On your SD card which contains your MK8 game files, locate the original track you want to be replaced with any desired DLC track. They are in SDCard/wiiu/games/MK8foldername/content/course.

NOTE: They have prefixes which will help you figure out what system the track was originally released on. For instance, “G3ds_DKJungle” is the DK Jungle track from the 3DS system, and “Gu_Techno” is the Electrodrome track first released on the Wii U.

4. Delete every file in such folder except for the .bars file which is the music track, unless you want to play without the music.

NOTE: If you replace this file with the .bars file from the DLC track and rename it, the game will crash upon loading the track. But if you just delete it and do not replace it, the track will still load, just without background music. So if you’d rather have a wrong tune than none, you may want to pick tracks whose music shares a similar mood.

5. Paste in there all the files from the DLC track folder, except the .bars background music file, and take note of which track you swapped it with.

WARNING: in the dump I used, the Mute City DLC track had one file mispelled as “course_muuntO.byaml” instead of “course_muunt.byaml”, so be sure to rename it accordingly, or the game will crash upon loading the track.

6. Copy all the folders found in the “mapobj” folders contained in the DLC dump, and paste them into the MK8foldername/content/mapobj folder on your SD card.

7. Put your SD Card back in the Wii U and load your hacked MK8 game!

8. If that was worth it, say thanks! or just press the Like button :)


It’d be nice to be able to play the DLC background music, I just haven’t messed around long enough to figure out a way just yet.

Anybody knows what are the “battle_muunt.byaml” and “course_muunt_200.byaml” files for? For some reason they are not here for every track.

Space Game!!

vgmoose Over at Gbatemp made a Great HomeBrew Game


5.5.0/5.5.1: Go here to play online:
other fws: self host only for now, see binaries in attachment
source code:

The year is 201X. Hop about the H.Y.K.M. interstellar spaceship and defend your precious cargo from the oncoming pirates and naysayers! Use either joystick to move around and dodge enemies, and tap on the screen to fire in the direction of the tap. You are the last hope for the Wii U homebrew scene!

I had a lot of fun making this game and I hope you all enjoy my little generic space shooter homebrew! I love how the homebrew scene is starting to take off.

With or without an IOSU exploit, let’s keep having fun!



Making this was a bit touch and go… I hope some of what I’ve worked on can be useful to the homebrew community. I’ve put a lot of details on the github page‘s readme, but you can contact me if you need more information.