WiiU Title Dumper v 0.2


  • added dump of the /vol/meta folder
  • fix in host application with creating relativ path
  • fix dumping when AOC functions are not accessable

How to use the new meta dumping:
To dump the meta folder it requires a bit special treatment. As always just start the host application (with /vol/meta or /vol) and the WiiU application and run the title you want to dump. Now to dump the meta folder on WiiU disc titles or titles that are installed on USB you have to press the HOME button and the dumping of the meta folder will start. Wait for it to finish dumping before you close the home menu screen again. Now for titles that are installed to the NAND (system memory) this doesn’t work. For those you have to exit the title to WiiU System Menu and wait up to 30 seconds. The meta folder dumping of the NAND title that was launched before should start about 15 Seconds after System Menu is started. This whole procedure is needed because the access rights are limited inside the game and are a bit higher on the system menu.



ddd – WiiU Title Dumper

ddd – WiiU Title Dumper

What is ddd ?

ddd is a WiiU Title Dumper developed by Dimok.
It dumps the data of any title launched on your WiiU.

It can dump all the files from these folders or their sub-folders:
It will automatically generate the cos.xml and app.xml needed by Loadiine when dumping /vol/code

It requires a server on your computer which works on Windows and Linux.


Download : https://github.com/dimok789/ddd/releases
Source : The sources will be released later. This is currently a beta test release.


ddd requires kernel access so it’s currently compatible only with:
WiiU v5.0.0 (untested)
WiiU v5.1.0 (untested)
WiiU v5.3.2
WiiU v5.4.0


You need to launch the server with a command line to specify the path you want to dump, and where you want the files to be dumped to.

Open a command line window in the Title Dumper folder and use this command line:

You can also use a dump.bat file with that command line inside instead of a command line window.

Open a console, browse to the dumper and use this command line:

On WiiU
1. Run ddd from the homebrew launcher.
2. Set your computer’s IP and press A to install ddd in memory.
3. Exit to the WiiU main menu and launch the title you want to dump. It will pause on the logo until the dump is done.
4. After the dump is done, the title will continue loading normally. Keep the server active if you need to dump rpl files.
5. Close the server and launch it again with a different output path if you launch another title, or you will dump multiple titles to the same path.
6. Reboot the wiiU to remove the dumper from memory.

Things to know:
– RPL files are dumped only if they are loaded in memory. you need to play the game and trigger their load for the files to be dumped.
– The dumper will semi-resume the dump if you cancel it. The files existing files will be skipped, partial files will be dumped again.
– If you specify only /vol as input path it will dump all possible path.
– You can’t specify a single file to dump as input path yet.
– On windows you can use either slashes / or anti-slashed \ in the output path.
– If the path contains a space, you need to use quotes around it “c:\path with space\output folder\”


Example 1
Dumping the “code” folder of your Lego City Game disc to E:\WiiU\ISO\Lego City\

It will dump :
E:\WiiU\ISO\Lego City\vol\code\legocity.master.rpx
E:\WiiU\ISO\Lego City\vol\code\app.xml
E:\WiiU\ISO\Lego City\vol\code\cos.xml

Example 2
Dump the “driver” folder of Mario Kart 8:

it will dump:
E:\WiiU\ISO\Mario Kart 8\vol\content\driver\BbDaisy.szs
E:\WiiU\ISO\Mario Kart 8\vol\content\driver\BbLuigi.szs
E:\WiiU\ISO\Mario Kart 8\vol\content\driver\ and all the szs files located in that folder

Example 3
Dump EVERYTHING the dumper can dump:
Specify only “/vol” as input path.

It will dump :
/vol/code, app.xml cos.xml
into your mario kart 8 folder

Example 4
You can also specify relative path to dump the title into the current dumper’s folder.




You can’t dump System menu, Miimaker or the Browser titles.

Wanted help

An icon for the homebrew would be nice.
If someone want to write a better readme and usage for github, contact us.

If you know how to get a list of all rpl files used by a title, then the dumper could be updated to dump them without the need to play the game and load them in memory.