Nin-Jecter – Multiple System Injector For WiiU

Nin-Jecter – Multiple System Injector For WiiU

DS-1 DS-2 DS-3 DS-4


So, talking about useless releases!
There are many people trying to inject a NDS ROM, even knowing that they just need to zip and replace the rom, so i created this small tool, that create every needed directory from the VC NDS Folder, however, it does not include any files, since im pretty sure they are copyrighted lol.if somehow you got already a NDS VC loadiine ready, use this tool in order to add a new DS game “easily?”

USAGE its pretty self explanatory, look for the NDS you want to add, and press convert.

Download Last Release:


  • v0.05 — Added Nes and Snes Injection [(S)NesInject], People still need to use makerpl64 from the Wii U SDK to convert your ELF back to an RPX.
  • v0.03 — Initial Release
To do: ​
  • Create Meta Folder
  • Implement N64 Injection
  • Accept Suggestions~

Thanks to ScarletDreamz