Homebrew Launcher Release v1.2 RC2


  • added official support for 3.0.0 and 3.1.0 with sound support
  • added official support for 4.0.0 and 4.1.0 with sound support
  • added official support for 5.5.x firmwares (only preparation still requires a kernel exploit for those firmwares)
  • one click link launch (no need to run the link twice or execute the exploit prior to launch (exception for 5.5.x))
  • removed requirement of loadiine kernel memory mapping (any mapping is accepted as long as kernel_write is available)
  • fixed receive from wiiload and other application that send the elf header one byte at a time
  • improved OS driver exploit integrated
  • skip ELF files starting with ‘.’ and ‘_’
  • added version string to main view
  • allow MP3 and WAV background musics (file has to be located at and called “homebrew_launcher/resources/bgMusic.ogg” for now even if its not an OGG file)


Title Dumper GUI v0.0.5

Dynamit Made a GUI for DDD-Title Dumper GUI Program . 



Download the the GUI, You will need to ADD Dimok’s TitleDumer.exe to this GUI in the include Folder!

Go To Browse and pick your Folder where you want the dump to go .

Then check mark the Box you want. I always pick Full Game!  

You will need To Use (Dimok’s)  DDD Newest one  like You was,  go to the game tap on the game, Then hit Start Dump!!

GUI Will Show you Your I.P, 

Download here 

Thanks to Dynamit for the GUI Source

Thanks to Dimok for the Titledumper Source


DDD WiiU Title Dumper Release v0.3 RC3

Dimok is at it Again!!

sorry about that but there was a bad bug in the cache invalidate function of RC1. I had to create an RC2. If you dumped any titles with RC1 you should definately re-dump the RPX and RPL files (/vol/code folder) as those are most likely corrupt.

Here is the RC3 with a fix for that bug and a cache buffer overrun bug:

Thanks to JaceCearK1 for reporting the bug.