WUP installer to HBL

Dimok is back again!!!

So guys,

as mentioned above I ported WUP installer to HBL. It went pretty quick which is why I also took the time and changed the way wup installer works by a bit to to make it work on any firmware HBL works on and I also “pimped” it a bit.

I made two versions. The first version shows the install progress on the console during the installation and you always know how far you are with it which is pretty cool but there is a side effect by that though. After the installation is finished, it shows that it is completed successfully and it tries to go back to the WUP installer selection menu and hangs on that. You have to turn off the console then. The install is finished by that point though and it is safe to turn off the console. This does not happen if I don’t try to get the progress of the installation. I didnt have much time to figure out what is causing this side effect but probably is something i overseen. I will look at it some other time again. That is why I will release the source code later when its complete. So until then I made a 2nd version which does not show the install progress but a message that install is started and then a transition screen from system menu to mii maker while the install is running. After the installation is finished it enters the WUP installer menu again and tells you it finished successfully. In that menu you can swap the SD card (if wanted) and do another title installation or return back to HBL. It would also be possible to list all titles on the SD card and make a menu to choose which title to install but for now its only this.

So here are the test binaries you guys can use:

Version without the install progress:

Version with the install progress:

Both versions should run on any firmware that HBL runs on and have the same security as the original WUP installer by crediar. Since it is possible to damage your console with that software (for example by installing wrong region system titles spoofing) I have to say that I am not responsible for any damage done to your console by this software.

Have fun with it.

DDD WiiU Title Dumper Release v0.3 RC1

Dimok is back again with a new DDD

Hey guys,

so I had a bit of time to check DDD issues today and there were some very nasty bugs in there that caused some games to fail dumping. For one there were DBAT collisions for some games memory causing DSI exceptions (freeze). Another bug was that failed RPLs (that are supposed to fail like mvplayer-gui.rpl on MK8) were still tried to be dumped by DDD and not skipped (forgotten data load result check). Also n1ghty added dumping of the argument string which some games have and require for reloading into a different mode (e.g. multiplayer). This argstr is not yet fully supported by loadiine gx2 but I will eventually get to it maybe.

Anyway here is a test RC1:


  • added support for firmware 5.5.x (requires 5.5.x kernel exploit)
  • added full argstr dumping
  • fixed bug in loader code where RPLs that failed to load were still tried to be dumped
  • fixed use of uninitialized string on argstr
  • added a generic function to copy any physical address data to any other physical address
  • changed to copy RPX/RPL data with the new copy function which avoids DBAT collisions
  • Download and source

Homebrew Launcher RC1 Release

Dimok Said this 

so I decided to create a new version of HBL because there were several nice changes since last release. This is only an RC1 release as it is not very well tested with all those changes. So I am hoping for you all to test and report whatever you find.

Here is a change list:

  • added official support for 4.0.0 and 4.1.0 with proper sound support
  • added official support for 5.5.x firmwares (only preparation still requires a kernel exploit for those firmwares)
  • one click link launch (no need to run the link twice or execute the exploit prior to launch (exception for 5.5.x))
  • fixed receive from wiiload and other application that send the elf header one byte at a time
  • improved OS driver exploit integrated
  • skip ELF files starting with ‘.’ and ‘_’
  • added version string to main view

You can find the new RC1 release as always on the github:

Please report any bugs you find. If nothing is reported I will just rename the RC1 release to a real release v1.2 in a few days.