Nin-Jecter – Multiple System Injector For WiiU

Nin-Jecter – Multiple System Injector For WiiU

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So, talking about useless releases!
There are many people trying to inject a NDS ROM, even knowing that they just need to zip and replace the rom, so i created this small tool, that create every needed directory from the VC NDS Folder, however, it does not include any files, since im pretty sure they are copyrighted lol.if somehow you got already a NDS VC loadiine ready, use this tool in order to add a new DS game “easily?”

USAGE its pretty self explanatory, look for the NDS you want to add, and press convert.

Download Last Release:


  • v0.05 — Added Nes and Snes Injection [(S)NesInject], People still need to use makerpl64 from the Wii U SDK to convert your ELF back to an RPX.
  • v0.03 — Initial Release
To do: ​
  • Create Meta Folder
  • Implement N64 Injection
  • Accept Suggestions~

Thanks to ScarletDreamz


Homebrew Launcher for WiiU Release v1.1

Homebrew Launcher for WiiU


The homebrew launcher for WiiU is finally here !
This homebrew launcher is developed by Dimok.

It allows you to list and launch elf files located on your SD card, but is also compatible with elf files sent to the WiiU though the network.

It’s compatible with WiiU 5.0.0 ,5.1.0,5.3.2 and 5.4.0
5.5.0 doesn’t work because the Homebrew Launcher require a kernel patch to get enough memory to launch other homebrew.


Releases :


Download and extract the wiiu folder from the release package to the root of your SD card.
It should look like this:
SD:/wiiu/apps/homebrew launcher/homebrew_launcher.elf
SD:/wiiu/apps/homebrew launcher/icon.png
SD:/wiiu/apps/homebrew launcher/meta.xml

Host the “www” folder and run the browser exploit twice to launch it.

How to setup your SD card

the Homebrew Launcher lists all elf files located in this folder:
sd:/wiiu/apps/<folder you want>/

It will read these 3 files:

The meta.xml is the same format used by The Homebrew Channel (Wii)
The icon.png is twice the size (256x96px) as HBC.

How to send elf from the network
You can send elf file directly to your console though your wifi connection.
Currently, only SendElf has been tested.

How to compile elf file for this Homebrew Launcher
A hello world example is available here:

You can also check the ftpiiU or even homebrew launcher sources.

All launched homebrew will automatically return to the launcher when exiting them.

Currently only ELF files of up to 6.5 MB are supported.

Is my homebrew compatible?
If your homebrew is an elf file, it’s probably already compatible.

Loadiine and ftpiiU have been tested.