Loadiine GX2 Preview


Dimok make a new video of His Up coming backup loader..

so LuigiU asked me to post a little preview video and here it is. It doesnt show much of the GUI (stuff like settings isnt shown) as I didnt want to have to upload a long video but it shows a new feature i added today (besides game launching). Game launching is also shown (right now without many launching effects or confirmation screens which might change before first release, but its not priority for now).

Have fun.



I was fighting with a lot of issues the past days but its all fixed now. As things look right now there are only a few things left todo and all of them are not very time consuming. We might target next weekend or the weekend after that for a first (maybe beta) release. Depends if i dont run into more trouble but it doesnt look like that anymore.

Don’t worry. The music choice is not final :P and yes it plays on TV and DRC (even different sounds on TV and DRC is possible if needed). Sorry for the poor quality of my camera.


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