CBHC v1.1 – ColdBoot HaxChi!

‘Fix94 made this!!!

So I did look at coldboothax the last few days and now have the very first version of it ready using a new haxchi payload – CBHC (ColdBoot HaxChi)!

Please ONLY INSTALL THIS if you already have the normal Haxchi installed and know that it works perfectly or else you will 100% end up in a dead wiiu, just install it over your existing installation and DO NOT INSTALL IT from a freshly downloaded, never started/tested game or you may brick. Also ONLY INSTALL THIS if the DS VC is BOUGHT ON THAT CONSOLE AND ON NAND.
After installing it you better go ahead and set up some DNS server protection, disable standby, NEVER touch the DS VC you used to install it again, so dont move it around on the home screen or settings or delete it and just generally be smart about it, I am not responsible for your dead wiiu because of user error.

Anyways, enough of that – what can this actually do?
It offers a basic menu from which you can boot into the system menu which will get full signature and region patching, you can boot into the homebrew launcher and into a fw.img on your sd card, also if you want to automatically go to any of these places just enable the autoboot option for it.
The menu controls are very simplistic, up/down to move the cursor and A to either select the option or change the autoboot option, you can control it using the gamepad or any wiimote, classic controller or wiiu pro controller OR if you are really desperate the the “sync” button on the console itself will work too – click once to move the cursor down and double click to simulate what A does normally.
Once autoboot is set up you can easily cancel it by pressing the home/sync button while the “Autobooting…” message is shown to get back into the little menu and go from there.

Wii U USB Helper


Big Thanks to Kazegaya For making this very Nice Program!!! 

Update 30/10/16 Open Beta Started !

Alright guys, since the first open beta is now live I’d like people who are interesting in helping me debug the app to send me a pm !
But before you do please keep in mind that the application is still a WIP, and you will definitely encounter bugs. But isn’t that the very purpose of a beta :P ?
Anyway, see you soon !

What does it do ?

This program is intended to help you download games from NUS and install them on your Wii U. It’s a bit like NUS Grabber except that it does not rely on any external tool, almost everything has been reprogrammed from scratch with ease of use in mind.
What does it look like ?

Here is a screenshot from the latest debugging version :

Screenshot 2016-10-31 19.31.07

What will I need to use it ?

You will need to provide the app with a certain RAR Archive(not individual tickets) of tickets from you know where to make it work.
Don’t ask where to get it, it’s against the rules !

How do I install downloaded games ?

I recommend that you use this tool. Just use the app to copy the games to you SD card and then launch the tool to install :)
Thanks for reading !

Thanks to @gbamix for the awesome logo !


Update to 5.5.1 while you can

Mathew_Wi said: Update to 5.5.1 while you can

Protip: Update to 5.5.1 while you can. There won’t be many more opportunities like this.
Considering I’ve used it already, I can say they aren’t as full of shit as people think.


So, a true dev saying this and IOSU Exploit and stuffs (tools) is coming very soon.
Salt Team will release, his support on 3ds scene is formidable.
@Mathew_Wi thank you for your dedication and all devs working on WIIU Scene.