CBHC v1.1 – ColdBoot HaxChi!

‘Fix94 made this!!!

So I did look at coldboothax the last few days and now have the very first version of it ready using a new haxchi payload – CBHC (ColdBoot HaxChi)!

Please ONLY INSTALL THIS if you already have the normal Haxchi installed and know that it works perfectly or else you will 100% end up in a dead wiiu, just install it over your existing installation and DO NOT INSTALL IT from a freshly downloaded, never started/tested game or you may brick. Also ONLY INSTALL THIS if the DS VC is BOUGHT ON THAT CONSOLE AND ON NAND.
After installing it you better go ahead and set up some DNS server protection, disable standby, NEVER touch the DS VC you used to install it again, so dont move it around on the home screen or settings or delete it and just generally be smart about it, I am not responsible for your dead wiiu because of user error.

Anyways, enough of that – what can this actually do?
It offers a basic menu from which you can boot into the system menu which will get full signature and region patching, you can boot into the homebrew launcher and into a fw.img on your sd card, also if you want to automatically go to any of these places just enable the autoboot option for it.
The menu controls are very simplistic, up/down to move the cursor and A to either select the option or change the autoboot option, you can control it using the gamepad or any wiimote, classic controller or wiiu pro controller OR if you are really desperate the the “sync” button on the console itself will work too – click once to move the cursor down and double click to simulate what A does normally.
Once autoboot is set up you can easily cancel it by pressing the home/sync button while the “Autobooting…” message is shown to get back into the little menu and go from there.


Blubberman4U Over at Gbatemp.. Made this nice Program.. 

Hi all, i hope this is the correct place to post this and if this is allowed also. Maybe a moderator can move the topic to a better place. (or delete it if not allowed.)



I created a little tool called U-Indexer wich give you the following information :

  • Creates an html index of your chosen path with loadiine games
  • Shows you information about your games and if your filename TitleID is correct (wrong will be displayed in Red)
  • With a click on the cover you go to the GameTDB website with information about that title
  • Will display Region (USA/EUR/JAP) so you can see wich update you need
  • Show you the real gamename from the metafile so you can manually rename your games
  • Individual size of the games and Total size of the main folder or memory card and amount of files
  • Shows you your installed updates in \updates of each game
  • Languages supported by each game
  • Game information is based on the meta.xml of each game, so only if this directory is present
  • As a bonus, U-Indexer has over 200 3dcovers wich you can copy straight to your memory card 3dcovers folder
  • Next version will have adjustable options or user requested features


Current Version 1.0.13 with *EASY updates


U-Indexer 1.0.13 04-07-2016

  • Multiple installed updates are sorted now (lowest first, highest last)
  • Better windows handling but maybe a bit slower with scanning, but better than crash as reported by some users
  • Handling of corrupt meta icon and background (they exists) will (hopefully) not lead into programcrash anymore
  • Replaced languages words with small country flags and mouseover will still give the language words
  • Hovering above 3dcovers makes it bigger (and readable) and as a side effect gives you a sort of seperation highlight
  • Bigger font type and spacing for alphabet index letters
  • Sorting was case-sensitive all the time,i and nobody noticed,not anymore (A=a, B=b)
  • Change of main window, shows more info, the meta icon is now showed in the listview
  • Made the meta background picture while scanning less flashy with some transparency
  • JNUSTool button only available if found in program (launch) directory
  • Put a delay in main loop after launching JNUStool, took 20% cpu time now almost none
  • Button Done replaced with Quit
  • ProductCode (WUP-P-yada) now also in index below TitleID
  • Removed MediaName in Browser Title/tab, more space for scanned path
  • 384 3dcovers, and now *really* each cover should be 176×248
  • Latest games updates file [1233]

Centipede Arcade Emulator Port for 5.3.2

seagal112 Over at Gbatemp made centipede arcade emulator port for 532

Hi, I’m testing what can be done with actual xploit and libwiiu, so i modified elf example and ported an emulator code that I had on my hdd from other ports.

Here is the link if you want to test, this one has no controls, you only can see it :P


And this one is supposed to have controls fixed, but im at work and cant test it ¿can someone test it for me?


here is a little video of what it does:


here is for Offline You want to host it Your self