Loadiine v4.0

Hey everyone,

it’s time for a new release v4.0 of loadiine. It was quite a lot of work and it includes many changes. The launching method is changed in the way that the games are loaded. We found a way of gaining kernel level execution on our own code. There is code now that runs directly from a hooked kernel function called PrepareTitle which setups the titles before launching. At this point the function is hooked by our method and the game is setup from the app.xml and cos.xml in the /code folder of the games on the SD card. If you have the correct values here, most if not all games do run in Mii Maker Mode or Smash Bros Mode. The only game, that we know of, that has an issue is Mario Kart 8, which fully works in Smash Bros Mode it seems but freezes if you exit the game to system menu and does not work at all in Mii Maker Mode. But its fully playable in Smash Bros Mode though. In fact all games that we tried with correct xml setup worked (big thanks to Cyan, n1ghty and MLT for doing so many tests).



Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Works perfect!! On Loadiine v4.0 

Super Mario Maker works perfect!! On Loadiine v4.0

There was also a big change on how the whole folder structure and project structure is layed out. Many functions were moved and put together. There is now only one ELF file which includes fs, menu, kernel and loader stuff in one.

 Another huge change is that we setup now a region for our own code with supervisor level execution access. We setup an about 7,3 MB big area for our own code in the address 0x00800000. It is freely available for our use. With that huge amount of code space it is now possible to start a really nice looking GUI. Seeing as someone already did start that (which is quite nice), but it is unsure if that source code is ever gonna be release. Therefore we will start our own GUI in the next step.If you want to check out what kind of changes there were in detail and how this all works (especially the part about the kernel code execution and the memory area (DBAT/IBAT) setup will be very interesting for some developers ;)), just checkout the new github source code.As for VCs, well those should theoretically work all too. You just need the correct values in the XML files. Since those are usually not available, we will provide a way of dumping the important parts of the XML from the original titles you own. With those values you can create a custom cos.xml and app.xml and use them to launch the titles.
Have fun with the new stuff.
Dimok and Golden45

Loadiine 3.0 Backup Loader

another release from golden45 and Dimok is uploaded to the github. Its another work in progress branch sync.


The most noticable change is that there is now a Mii Maker mode. In this mode the games start directly from the Mii Maker channel. You dont need any game disc inserted or anything (no smash bros anymore).

This new mode fixes launch of several games that did not run before at all, some are also fully playable now like Super Mario/Luigi Bros U or Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. There is also some progress with WWHD for example as it launches now. But there are still some issues with the loader in Mii Maker mode that we did not find yet which make it throw an ISI exception on WWHD. Many other games crash too, even some that do run on Smash Bros U mode. The Mii Maker mode is pretty new and we are still working on it but we did not want to let you guys wait untill all issues are cleaned out as that might take some time. That is why we implemented a mode selection on games launch screen where you can select wether to boot with Smash Bros mode or Mii Maker mode. Just press A to (auto)launch Smash Bros U mode or X for Mii Maker mode. If you press Y then the Smash Bros mode without autolaunch is used.

One other major addition is also a change in the maximum available memory for RPX/RPLs which is now increased to 65.7 MB (tested only up to 48MB but the rest should probably work too).

There is been several other fixes in the loader code and also new additions like sorting the game list by name. Well check out the github for detailed change list and compiled binaries.

Here is a list that golden45 made of the games that we tried.

Mii Maker game launching tests
Mii Maker mode :
Working :
– Angry Birds Star Wars USA
– Angry Birds Trilogy EUR
– Barbie Dreamhouse Party EUR (second best game ever)
– Ben 10 Omniverse 2 USA
– Disney Planes USA
– Game & Wario USA
– How to Train Your Dragon 2 EUR
– Hyrule Warriors USA
– Kirby and the Rainbow Curse EUR
– Legend of Kay Anniversary EUR (works but ISI exception when Home Button is pressed)
– Nano Assault
– NES Remix Pack USA
– New Super Luigi U USA
– New Super Mario Bros. U USA
– Nintendo Land USA
– Phineas and Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff USA
– Scribblenauts Unlimited USA
– SpongeBob SquarePants Plankton’s Robotic Revenge USA
– Super Mario 3D World EUR/USA
– Taiko No Tatsujin loadiine davokazaki JPN WiiU
Not working :
– Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know! USA : Game starts, in menu can select a new game, then ISI exception when rpl is loaded (“swkbd.rpl”), OSDynLoad_Aquire returns -520004 => 0xFFF810BC, in loader this value is set as return in TINYHEAP_Alloc
– Bayonetta 2 : starts but fails to load rpl : OSDynLoad_Acquire returns -1160708063 => BAD10021, in coreinit.rpl it seems to happen when syscall LoaderCall is called. We can then retrieve the loader logs here
– Captain Toad Treasure Tracker EUR
– Darksiders II EUR : error 160-2203
– Devil’s Third EUR : error 160-2200
– FIFA 13 : error 160-2203
– Hello Kitty Kruisers USA : error 160-2203 (best game ever)
– Mario Kart 8 EUR : error 160-2203
– Mario Party 10 USA
– Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth EUR : slow to load, and then tries to load rpl, OSDynLoad_Acquire(“Game_WiiU_RPL.rpl”) returns -520004 => 0xFFF810BC, in loader this value is set as return in TINYHEAP_Alloc
– One Piece Unlimited World Red EUR : crash
– Pikmin 3 USA : 160-2200
– Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric USA : error 160-2200
– Sonic Lost World USA : error 160-2200
– Super Mario Maker EUR : 160-2200
– The Amazing SpiderMan 2 EUR : prompt to insert the disk
– Transformers Prime EUR : it has a rpl called erreula.rpl which is also a common rpl …
– Wii Party U USA : 160-2200
– Yoshi’s Woolly World EUR : 160-2200
– Zelda The Wind Waker HD USA : ISI exception
– ZombiU USA : DSI exception
Smash Bros mode :
Working :
– Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know! USA
– Ben 10 Omniverse 2 USA
– Darksiders II EUR (not compressed)
– Disney Planes USA
– How to train your dragon 2 EUR
– Hyrule Warriors USA
– Legend of Kay Anniversary EUR
– Nano Assault
– Nintendo land
– Pikmin 3
– Splinter Cell Blacklist EUR (not compressed)
– Sonic Boom Rise of lyrics USA
– Sonic Lost World
– Taiko No Tatsujin loadiine davokazaki JPN
– The Amazing SpiderMan 2 EUR
– ZombiU USA
– [VC] [SNES] F-Zero (EUR)