Dimok Made a Simple Dumper

Dimok Over at Gbatemp Made a Test Simple Dumper You can try out!

Hey everyone,

I was working on some dumping methods for the games. For now I only got a simple dumper. I wanted some people to test it and see if it dumps the RPLs/RPX correctly without dumping system RPLs and stuff like that. Here is a test version with the necessary payload stuff. It wont work for all games (games such as splatoon wont work for now, I will change that later). You just start the dumper application with the required parameters (in console) and then start the application on the WiiU and enter your IP address of the server (PC) and press A. Then you enter the title you want to dump and it will start dumping the game to your PC into the selected folder (must be absolute for now). Should work theoretically with discs and installed titles.

Here is the test version of the dumper. Currently there is only a windows exe but once I am finished with tests and changes I will provide a linux dumper too and the sources to this and maybe integrate into loadiine gx2.


To dump all RPLs you have to enter the menu/game where the RPL is loaded. Right now I dont have a method to find out what RPLs are all on the game. I will look at it later (wasnt looking for it yet).

Please report your test results to me. I wanna see how good/bad it works.

Oh and this is only 5.3.2 (though should theoretically work on 5.4.0 too).

Btw it got a semi-continue functionality. It will check existing files on the PC and compare the filesize. If the filesize is the same, it will skip the file and continue with the next. To cancel the download, just close the dumper application and it will continue with game launch.

just an additional note :
when you set the path, use slashes to separate the folders, not anti-slashes.
example :

discdumper.exe /vol/content "E:/Iso/WiiU/folder to dump the game/"

if you specify /vol/code it will dump only code
It you specify /vol/content it will dump both /code/ and /content/ folders.

note2: it doesn’t dump or generate app.xml and cos.xml
only the rpx and loaded rpl are dumped for now.


Download here