Homebrew Launcher RC1 Release

Dimok Said this 

so I decided to create a new version of HBL because there were several nice changes since last release. This is only an RC1 release as it is not very well tested with all those changes. So I am hoping for you all to test and report whatever you find.

Here is a change list:

  • added official support for 4.0.0 and 4.1.0 with proper sound support
  • added official support for 5.5.x firmwares (only preparation still requires a kernel exploit for those firmwares)
  • one click link launch (no need to run the link twice or execute the exploit prior to launch (exception for 5.5.x))
  • fixed receive from wiiload and other application that send the elf header one byte at a time
  • improved OS driver exploit integrated
  • skip ELF files starting with ‘.’ and ‘_’
  • added version string to main view

You can find the new RC1 release as always on the github:

Please report any bugs you find. If nothing is reported I will just rename the RC1 release to a real release v1.2 in a few days.