Loadiine Gx2


What Is Loadiine GX2

What is Loadiine GX2?

Loadiine is a WiiU homebrew. It launches WiiU game backups and programs.
Its Graphical User Interface is based on the WiiU GX2 graphics engine.

This homebrew is developed by @dimok, who worked on the previous loadiine version 2.0 to 4.0 too.
He was also the main developer of USBLoaderGX and WiiXplorer on Wii.


Loadiine GX2 is currently compatible with
WiiU v5.3.2
WiiU v5.4.0

A game compatibility list can be found on Wikitemp.

Note that adding compatibility to older WiiU version will not have the same compatibility than this wiki list.
This is because new games require function added in newer firmware. if a game need a function it can’t find in the firmware, it will not work.
If you want to update the compatibility list, please be sure you tested the game with the newest firmware or ask other users if they are experiencing the same issues



Loadiine GX2 v0.1 (public beta), released on 2016-02-06
Sources available on github.



Loadiine GX2 is released in two different forms, each using a different launching method.


Browser exploit method

1) Browser exploit method
The online method uses a HTML exploit launching method, like Loadiine v4, which will load loadiine payload (the program) from the network.
In that case, there’s no download or installation needed, you have to use your WiiU browser and visit an URL to loadiine TWICE : The Loadiine URL contains the needed kernel. run it the first time to patch the kernel, a second time to load loadiine.

If you want to host loadiine HTML exploit yourself, get the Loadiine GX2 Browser package and follow web hosting tutorial from this thread.


SD homebrew loader method

2) SD homebrew loader method
The homebrew loader method allows you to launch Loadiine GX2 homebrew located on your SD card.

Download the Loadiine GX2 SD loader package
That package contains both the exploit needed to launch loadiine’s elf, and the elf to put on SD card.

The SD homebrew loader will launch loadiine GX2 from:

Then launch Loadiine GX2 the same way than the online method : from your favorite exploit method (URL or mp4) by hosting the files on a webserver.
This version will load the elf from SD card instead of loading it from the html payload.


Which Advantage or Differnces

Which advantage or differences?
With the online method, you don’t need to put the elf loader in your SD Card.
The SD loader method loads faster as you don’t have to download the full binary from internet to launch loadiine GX2.

In both cases, you need a way to load an exploit (html or mp4) to patch the kernel, so you need a network connection or a local network server. there’s no “offline” mode.

If you don’t intend to update often, or are not a developer, you should prioritize the SD Loader method.


:!: Auto-update is not implemented yet.
Download latest loadiine release manually.
To update loadiine, it will depend the launch method you use:

• Online exploit method: Re-host the new html files.
• SD Loader method: Replace the loadiine_gx2.elf file on the SD card.

Folder Structure

Folder structure


The default game path is SD:/wiiu/games/
It can be changed by editing the loadiine_gx2.cfg file manually in a text editor.

The game folder format is Game’s Title [TitleID6]/
Example with the game “Super Mario Maker USA”:
SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/

Attention: Loadiine GX2 requires the game’s title AND the TitleID to be present in the folder name.
The game’s title is the one displayed in loadiine.
The TitleID is used to automatically download the corresponding cover from http://gametdb.com and load it from SD card.
If the titleID is not present, the game box will have no cover.

The titleID can be found and generated by looking in the meta.xml, last 4 and last 2 digits form the TitleID6.


http://gametdb.com can also be used to find the TitleID6.

Inside your game’s folder, copy the 3 game’s extracted folders : content, code and meta folder.
You should now have this:

SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/code/
SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/content/
SD:/wiiu/games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/meta/



The default savegame path is SD:/wiiu/saves/
It can be changed by editing the loadiine_gx2.cfg file manually in a text editor.

Loadiine will automatically create the subfolder for each game. You don’t need to create them.

Loadiine GX2 can use two different savegame mode : Shared or Unique.

• Shared mode is the default mode for compatibility reason with old loadiine version. The user save will go into the “u” subfolder like with loadiine v4.0
• Unique mode is the natural mode used by the WiiU. Loadiine will save into a different folder for each Mii profile. (For example, a different saves for each wiifit player)

If you are new to loadiine, you should use Unique mode unless you have a good reason to share saves among all players.

:!: If you are an old loadiine user (v1.0 to 4.0), you will have to update your folders names.

1. rename the “c” folder to “common”
2. if you use Shared mode, keep the “u” folder.
3. if you use Unique mode, rename the “u” folder to your uniqueID.

When using unique mode, the user subfolder is named “8xxxxxxx”, where x starts at 1 and increments for every profile you created on the console.
To know your number, start a game using unique mode and exit. look on your SD card in the savegame path to find the newly created folder and this is your UniqueID tied to that account.
If you want to move your save from Shared mode to Unique mode, then move the content of the “u” folder to the “800000xx” one.

Here is a recap of possible folders:
SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/common/ <– save data shared with all users from the console. Previously named “c” in loadiine 4.0 (rename the c to common if your game used that folder to load your old savegame data)
SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/u/ <– save data specific to the user (This is your game progress), this folder is used by shared mode.
SD:/wiiu/saves/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]/80000001/ <– save data specific to the user (This is your game progress), this folder is used by Unique mode.

The XML Files

The XML files
A lot of games require the proper XML files to setup the memory correctly.
The app.xml and cos.xml files are located in the code folder.
If you don’t have the files, please refer to the compatibility list on the Wiki to see how to get them.


The settings file is saved to:

Game Icons

game Icons
The icons are used with the grid and circle design.

Icons are automatically generated by using the game’s meta folder.
It contains the official game’s background and icons.

Box Covers

Box Covers
The covers are used with the Carousel design.

The game box covers are located in a subfolder of the loadiine_gx2

:!: Auto-download is not implemented yet. Copy the “3D covers” from gametdb manually to the covers3d folder.
There are Full WiiU cover packs available, don’t download them one by one if you have a lot of games.
Gametdb.net -> WiiU -> WiiU downloads -> Wii U Covers -> 3D covers -> click on a flag to download the covers in that corresponding language.

Download here

Theme Folder

Theme folder

Loadiine GX2 lets you replace the internal resources to theme the loader and replace the pictures or sound.
Just put the files you want to replace in the resources folder and it will be loaded in memory instead of the included resources.

A list of resources filename can be found on github data folder.

Note about the background sound:
If you place the BG sound into the resources folder, it will be loaded in memory at launch.
You can tell loadiine to stream a file from SD card instead of loading it into memory by editing the BgMusicPath option in loadiine_gx2.cfg file.
The compatible format are mp3, ogg and wav.
Example : BgMusicPath=SD:/sounds/my_own_bg_sound.mp3



I don’t see any games in loadiine
Verify your folder names. It MUST contains a title and the TitleID in brackets at the end. See the folder structure>games section above.

Be sure your SD card is formated to FAT32.
ExFAT format will NOT work.

Where do I find the TitleID to put on the folder name?
The 6 digits TitleID is composed of two different element : the 4 digits TitleID and the 2 digits publisherID.
You can find the full ID6 on gametdb.com
The titleID can also be found and generated by looking in the meta.xml, last 4 and last 2 digits form the TitleID6.


There’s also a bat file (here) which you can run to automatically rename your folders.

How do I display icon and covers for virtual consoles?
1. rename the game folder to match the “title [ID6]” format.
2. in “ID6” brackets, create a 6 digit unique TitleID, for example [VC0001]
3. create an icon, save it in targa format named iconTex.tga, create a meta folder and put it inside.
4. create a background image in png format named after the chosend TitleID6 (VC0001.png) and put it inside wiiu/apps/loadiine_gx2/covers3d/ folder.

Please read this guide for more information : https://gbatemp.net/posts/6053586/

I still don’t know he TitleID6 !
If you don’t know the titleID but don’t care about the game cover, you can use a random TitleID6, or just use [XXXXXX]

Where can I get icon and covers for Virtual console games?
MattKimura made some here : https://gbatemp.net/posts/6053843

How to host loadiine GX2 on a local webserver?
There’s a tutorial on the “ultimate wiiu guide” stiky thread.
You need a webhost with PHP enabled!

Do I need Super Smash Bros for WiiU?
Most game should work fine when launched using MiiMaker mode.
Few games will need SSB original game disc to launch. You can check the compatibility list on wiki.

Does it load game from USB ?
No. Only SD card.

Can I use any name for the SD card?
You can’t name it “wiiu”. All other names are fine.

My custom sound file doesn’t work and crashes the loader
VBR (variable bit rate) doesn’t work with 5.3.2
recompile your sound file to CBR (constant bit rate).

Mario kart 8 freeze when exiting to system menu
It’s the same compatibility than Loadiine v4.0
It was already freezing, it’s a known issue, don’t report it again and again.
Just check the compatibility list on wiki first before reporting game issues !

When will xxxx feature be added, when will the new version be released?
When it’s done, I guess?


v0.1 public beta (2016-02-06)
* First release.
* Based on Loadiine 4.0
* Added a Graphical User Interface using the WiiU GX2 engine.
* Added sound support.
* Added TV display support.
* Added touchscreen support.
* Multiple interface design available (icon carousel (circle), Grid, Cover Carousel). They can be swapped and selected independently for TV or gamepad in the settings.
* Added easy support for different WiiU versions. (Requires function’s addresses for each wiiu versions. Only 5.3.2 and 5.4.0 are supported in this release)
* Added support to edit default game path and save path.
* Added support for Save mode (Shared or Unique)
* Added support for theme/resources replacement.