How do I dump my games using Dumpiine?

Firmware Version Required:



Websites: (may not contain latest versions)


Note: SD card must be formatted to FAT32

1. Insert your SD card into the Wii U
2. Get the Modified Kernel Exploit to run. (Not the Official Kernel Exploit)
3. Open the Internet Browser (again)
4. Click Dumpiine (or navigate to your Dumpiine -> www -> Dumpiine folder if not using a root index.html)

Note: Wii U will freeze for about 2-5 seconds, then show the home menu settings if it works.​

10. Press Wii U Menu.
11. Launch the game you want to dump.

Note: Dumpiine will only dump RPLs as they are loaded into memory. Not all RPLs are loaded by the game as it starts. It’s up to you to figure out how to dump them (enter a level, etc).​

12. Exit the game
13. Launch Mii Maker. The Dumpiine menu will open.
14. Press A to copy the RPX/RPLs to the root of your SD card. Be patient.

Note: Do not copy if the RPX + RPL size is > 21MB. Dumpiine will crash or copy corrupted data.​

15. Exit Dumpiine by pressing the Home button
16. Exit Mii Maker. You can now retrieve the files from the SD card on your computer.



FIX94 – For Dumpiine

Fiveighteen – For The Tut!!