How do I dump my save data using Saviine?

Firmware Version Required:



Websites: (may not contain latest versions)


Note: SD card must be formatted to FAT32

1. Check the Saviine thread to make sure the savedata you’re trying to dump does’t have issues.
2. Back up all of your savedata to USB before using this in case anything goes wrong!
3. Insert the disc of the savedata you want to dump into the Wii U (unless you have eShop version)
4. Insert your SD card into the Wii U
5. Open the Internet Browser
6. Get the Official Kernel Exploit to run. (Press A in AIO Kernel Exploit)
2. On your PC, open “C:\WiiU\saviine03\server\saviine_server.exe” as administrator (right-click, Run as administrator)

Note: for large games, you can try using fastmode (double-click fastmode.bat instead of saviine_server.exe)​

7. Open the Internet Browser (again)
5. Click Saviine v0.3 (or navigate to your saviine folder if not using a root index.html)
6. Set the Saviine server IP in the application with up/down/left/right, and press A to install Saviine (should be set to your IP already if you followed steps from the FAQ)

Note: Wii U will freeze for about 2-5 seconds, then show the home menu settings if it works. If it doesn’t work, the TV will go black and the game pad will freeze. Hard reset and start over.​

7. Press Wii U Menu
8. Open your game from disc or one installed to the Wii U’s hard drive
9. The game should be dumped to a folder in /saviine/[title_id]

Note: You can close the game and then put in a new one to dump another​