Blubberman4U Over at Gbatemp.. Made this nice Program.. 

Hi all, i hope this is the correct place to post this and if this is allowed also. Maybe a moderator can move the topic to a better place. (or delete it if not allowed.)



I created a little tool called U-Indexer wich give you the following information :

  • Creates an html index of your chosen path with loadiine games
  • Shows you information about your games and if your filename TitleID is correct (wrong will be displayed in Red)
  • With a click on the cover you go to the GameTDB website with information about that title
  • Will display Region (USA/EUR/JAP) so you can see wich update you need
  • Show you the real gamename from the metafile so you can manually rename your games
  • Individual size of the games and Total size of the main folder or memory card and amount of files
  • Shows you your installed updates in \updates of each game
  • Languages supported by each game
  • Game information is based on the meta.xml of each game, so only if this directory is present
  • As a bonus, U-Indexer has over 200 3dcovers wich you can copy straight to your memory card 3dcovers folder
  • Next version will have adjustable options or user requested features


Current Version 1.0.13 with *EASY updates


U-Indexer 1.0.13 04-07-2016

  • Multiple installed updates are sorted now (lowest first, highest last)
  • Better windows handling but maybe a bit slower with scanning, but better than crash as reported by some users
  • Handling of corrupt meta icon and background (they exists) will (hopefully) not lead into programcrash anymore
  • Replaced languages words with small country flags and mouseover will still give the language words
  • Hovering above 3dcovers makes it bigger (and readable) and as a side effect gives you a sort of seperation highlight
  • Bigger font type and spacing for alphabet index letters
  • Sorting was case-sensitive all the time,i and nobody noticed,not anymore (A=a, B=b)
  • Change of main window, shows more info, the meta icon is now showed in the listview
  • Made the meta background picture while scanning less flashy with some transparency
  • JNUSTool button only available if found in program (launch) directory
  • Put a delay in main loop after launching JNUStool, took 20% cpu time now almost none
  • Button Done replaced with Quit
  • ProductCode (WUP-P-yada) now also in index below TitleID
  • Removed MediaName in Browser Title/tab, more space for scanned path
  • 384 3dcovers, and now *really* each cover should be 176×248
  • Latest games updates file [1233]