U_Tility 1.0

A windows tool to help you setup any sdcard with loadiine (Can also format drives > 32GB )


Current Features:

  • Format any drive with Fat32
  • Create backups of your savegames
  • Copy/Rename/Manage your WiiU Games.
  • Using U_Tility:
    • Add your game folders via the “Add Folder” button. You can use root directories like “C:\WiiuGames”, no need to specify each game.
    • Select your FAT32 drive. If it doesn’t show up directly hit the “reload” button and wait a little bit, depending on your other drives it can load a little.
    • Select a game and press the “->” button to copy your game.
    • You can doubleclick a game to rename it.
  • Planned features:
    • Auto updates of games. Most of the code is already done (I already checks the current and newest version), just need to get around downloading and extracting the content.
    • It’s already ready for loadiine gx (or whatever it’ll be called) and just waiting for more details on general structure.
    • ?

Thanks to Tesa Over at gbatemp for Making this Nice Program.