WiiU Title Dumper v 0.2


  • added dump of the /vol/meta folder
  • fix in host application with creating relativ path
  • fix dumping when AOC functions are not accessable

How to use the new meta dumping:
To dump the meta folder it requires a bit special treatment. As always just start the host application (with /vol/meta or /vol) and the WiiU application and run the title you want to dump. Now to dump the meta folder on WiiU disc titles or titles that are installed on USB you have to press the HOME button and the dumping of the meta folder will start. Wait for it to finish dumping before you close the home menu screen again. Now for titles that are installed to the NAND (system memory) this doesn’t work. For those you have to exit the title to WiiU System Menu and wait up to 30 seconds. The meta folder dumping of the NAND title that was launched before should start about 15 Seconds after System Menu is started. This whole procedure is needed because the access rights are limited inside the game and are a bit higher on the system menu.