FoxMcloud5655 Over at Gbatemp! Made a New New NUSGrabber!


So, what can this program do for me?

This program will provide you a way to easily view all the titles that the Wii U has to offer, and allows you to call the command line versions of NUSGrabber and CDecrypt straight from the program. Basically, it allows you to download and decrypt game updates, system titles, and even full titles, granted that you have the keys to decrypt them.

Where can I download it?

Right here! This is a zip which contains almost everything you need to run NEW-NUSGrabberGUI.

The only other thing you’ll need is CDecrypt, which is available here:
You’ll need to take CDecrypt.exe and libeay32.dll and put it in the root directory of wherever you extract NEW-NUSGrabberGUI to.

NOTE: If you haven’t installed the Visual C++ Redistributable, or if you’re having problems when you hit the download button, then download the redistributable here:

How do I operate this program?

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Download the and extract it’s contents somewhere.
2. Load the program, and update your versionlists. (You can skip updating the versionlists if you know they are up to date.)
3. Search for/Click on the title you want to download.
4. Select a version from the list on the right side. (This step is optional if you want the latest version.)
5. Hit the download button.
6. Wait for NUSgrabber to complete.
7. Hit the decrypt button.
8. Navigate to the second folder which was just created (\rootdir\titleid\version\)
9. Select the .bin of the Wii U Common key (which you have to obtain yourself)

If you have any errors (serious ones, not ones like the popup that appears that says that the GUI code bugged out), PM me about them, and I’ll attempt to fix them.

The versions that start with a ‘v’ are the versions that the wiki has. If there are versions for a particular title inside the versionlists, then that title will not have any ‘v’ style versions, and instead pull its versions from the compiled versionlist.


This program wouldn’t have been possible without these people:

My alpha testers:
WiiuGold for willingly being my only alpha tester and for listing my app on their site.

My beta testers (which will be you, if you help!):
Nemesis90 for finding out about the redistributable problem.
Net-KILLER for finding the fix to the redistributable problem.
lonemoonHD for beta testing the hidden debug features.
emuman100 for testing the GUI on WINE in Linux.

And last, but not least:
Sumea for the NEW name (haha)
Maximilious for suggesting CDecrypt to be added to the GUI.
Adr990 for the original code for the GUI.
crediar for the command line NUSGrabber and CDecrypt.
fiveighteen for being the first to suggest making this program!