WU Decrypt Content GUI 0.10.0

 Dynamit created a GUI to make it easier to decrypt Wii U game updates.
WU Decrypt Content GUI 0.10.0
All you need to do is to  select the tik or tmd file in WU CDecrypt GUI  or both if failed to auto find the other file, Also you need to point the program to the WiiU Common key(if the checkbox Common Key is not already selected). Next you have to download cdecrypt.exe and libeay32.dll from here and place them in a subfolder called “include”.
After that it should decrypt and create a debug.txt file.
A requeriment to get the app to work is .Net Framework 2.0 or later.
Credit goes to the following people:
Dynamit for creating WU_Decrypt Content GUI.
Luigi for the idea to create a GUI front.
Fix94 & Dimok and many other big names in Wii/WiiU homebrew
world for there wonderful work.
crediar for CDecrypt that does the all heavy lifting.
* 0.10.0 *

– Update: Created a group-box containing check-boxes telling the user what file(s) that have been selected

– Update: Automatic search for second file is now performed (if selecting the tik-file it will try find the tmd-file)

– Update: Common-Key path is now stored in SystemRegistry under “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Dynamit\WU_Decrypt Content GUI”

– Update: Now only one credit Window could be open if exists already it will be put to the top

– Fixed: Cleaned up the main form source code and created an Class-Library containing the main stuff.